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Welcome To Fortune Point

Fortune Point is run by Pandit Acharya Rama Shankar Mishra, who is well experienced in the field of Astrology.

The foundation of Indian philosophy and vast spiritual knowledge is the world’s most ancient treatise. The Vedas and out of the six limbs of Vedas that is mouth, ear, nose, eyes etc. the astrology is considered to be the ‘Eye’ of Vedas. The importance of ‘eye’ can be best known to a blind person only. A person has all the qualities without eyes leads de-void life. Therefore, the astrology being the ‘Eyes of Vedas’ has its utmost significance.

Etymologically, the word Jyotish(astrology) is deprived from the verb  ‘Dyuti-Deepto’ which means being enlightened, being lightened, being guided etc. Thus, Jyotish is a science which informs us about the movement of the planets and their effect on living beings. Though, some astrologers define ‘Astrology’ as the science pertaining to the rays of life on the darker aspect of the alive and non-living beings.
Astrology is a science which deals in the effects of planets on living beings. To predict the planets' effects, one has to analyze the position of planets and their strengths. All India Astrological Services' horoscopes are known for their accuracy and quality of predictions.

The ancient Indian science has formed faith in the principle that the human being is made up of earth, water, fire, air and also composition of cosmic material. The resemblance of composition has surely and effect on the human life.

Jyotish has again two parts: calculative and Result oriented. February

In the modern times the ‘Result Oriented Jyotish’ has different chapters which are: Jaatak (birth-chart prediction), Tajik (yearly prediction), Prashan(horary horoscope), Vastu Shastra, Hast Rekha(palmistry), Ankshastra(numerology), Ratna Vigyan (gems), Shakun Shastra etc which have a significant bearing on each and every movement of the human life and play the role of a ‘Guru or Guide’.  The complicated  life if the modern times where everybody is running short if time and has discharging number of duties at the same time requires the  request of delightful knowledge of ‘Vedic Jyotish’ in a flawless way.

Rishi Narad Ordians : Narada Muni is an important character- a divine sage from the Vaisnava tradition, God Brahma with the intention that the welfare of mankind created the ‘Jyotish Shastra ’ as without Jyotish the rite and rituals and the other  religious  ceremonies cannot be performed. Although the religious activities including the life of the mankind is governed by the kaal (time) in one or other way.
The several treatise holds the lord Brahma at the time of a birth of a living being writes the faith particularly the good deeds. These good deeds can be read and deciphered through Jyotish.

Sarawali says that the Jyotish is helpful in earning money and also a friend when one is stranded.

Maharishi Yagyavalkya was  the great master, who guided  a large number  of  people , he also believes that fortune without the good deeds of previous life does not give the better results in their life despite the best efforts. The sages from ancient time have been believing that the good deeds of the previous life is christened as luck and it is this luck which gives the desired fruit to a person in the present life. He propounds that the combination of luck and labor bring achievement. He thus established the preference of the labor over luck.
Action done in favorable time or otherwise and leading one to pleasure or sorrow is capable of giving these results in births to come or even through the lives of our successive generations. As a result of the ripened force of the good and bad karmas of our past life we get the results of such karmas in this life. Such a result is called Prarabda i.e.  fate which should be studied from  the birth  chart.

The Shastra says- generally it is for the purpose of reaping the good and bad results of their past karmas that men are born in this world. After having finished the past karma men and women get births on the basis of their karmas in the present life.