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Matchmaking is the process of matching two people together, usually for the purpose of marriage.


The marriage generally is managed by the parents. There are marriage bureaus in which one registers the name of the son or daughter who is seeking a match. One selects some names and addresses from the list available there and start matching with the parents to obtain full details etc. In ancient India the mores provided for knowing the family because of the strict caste system . The social fabric was such, that everyone knew about each other - strength and weaknesses. Then there was matching of horoscope. There are 36 "Guna" in each horoscope & also helped in finding right spouses as they had links and a relation of good faith with the families.

They were matched and anything above 30 was acceptable. Lastly "Gotra" came into play. This is based on 12 names of saints - to persons of the same "Gotra" the preceding seven generations on either side could not get married.

If apparently the candidate is a match, then some visits to each other’s place are arranged for meeting. Generally the girl is expected to go with her parents to the boy's place as India is still a male dominated society. After the discussion, If the boy's side approves of the relation, they write accordingly to girl's parents and girl's side may answer positively or negatively.

If girl's side accepts the relation, further talks are held to confirm details such as where the wedding should take place and in what manner and who bears how much of the expenses etc. These discussions are vital as many weddings are not settled due to disagreement at this stage. Generally all expenses of wedding are to be borne by the girl's side. The girl's parents have to arrange for the wedding at mutually suitable place, on mutually acceptable date. In addition there is a ceremony of engagement also, when the settlement of marriage is confirmed . This is known as the engagement ceremony and takes place earlier to actual wedding Marriages these days are very expensive. The wedding halls are necessary to be booked well in time.